My Geo Prism

What does the Prism mean to me? I still have a 1995 Geo Prism that runs for me every day. Why do I keep and run it? Because this car has run with very low maintenance. I even took this car for emissions testing assuming she was putting out some chemicals into the atmosphere. Not so, she emits very little NOX and other chemicals.

just went though a mood adjustment, when I was attempting to justify swapping my Geo for another. One of my friends at church asked, do you like it ? Yes. Does it run well? Yes. Does it give you any trouble? No. Then, why do you want to trade it? Because it is getting old. I wouldn’t use that logic based on what you just told me. Keep it if you like it.

With that I resolved to keep the car for a few more years and give what I would have spent on another to the church’s capital campaign. Why do that do you ask? Because, in the long run that use of the money is much more strategic for the gospel.

This campaign will release much more of our funds for ministry in the USA and ultimately to the world. We have got to do much more here in the USA than we have been doing. I praise God for the young men and women out there who are going after their peers, especially those who are millennials or are targeting millennials. My church is not doing so good in that area. We are doing great at reaching older whites and Hispanics. We are going into the inner city as well with the freed up funds and that is a good model.

I believe this is a great use of my money, much better use that if I was riding around in another car.

Update:   I wrote this note months ago.  All of it is true.  The Prism is not giving me trouble but it is showing some signs.  It is a great looking car because for most of its life it has been in a garage.

There are other good uses for this car.   It is going either to a college age grandchild of ours or to a ministry we both love that focuses on the inner city.


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