The Woman on the Street

How do we men view the women in our lives–women other than our wives or blood sisters? That’s been my question for a long time. The John Eldredge concept of the Golden-Haired Woman helped me so much. The Golden-Haired Woman is the woman whom we men believe can truly answer the Question for us–“Do I have what it takes?” We learn over and over that woman can’t give a satisfactory answer to our Question. Only God can answer that Question for each man and woman.

I want to move to something specific about women–the women God puts in our lives. How are we to view them?

I wish I had a graphic to adequately describe what I have come to think about the women in my life, other than my wife.

My view of the woman now starts with her heart—a heart which is alive with emotion and deep longings placed there by God. That is my view whether the woman knows Jesus or not. God has His “stamp” on her heart. In my thinking she is God’s, not mine. She has purpose and meaning and God may use her to bring purpose and meaning to me. He may use her to convey divine truth also.

I conscientiously think and believe and know that I cannot fulfill those emotions and longings. Only God can (or the man God chooses to fulfill those emotions and longings). And if I envision the woman this way, then I may relate to her in a normal way without illicit thoughts getting in the way of being the man of God I need to be as I walk down the street facing the woman or walking beside her.


4 thoughts on “The Woman on the Street

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