Is God Surprised?

…by the Iraqi surprise?

Sudden collapses are all surprises when they occur, yet in retrospect seem inevitable results of iniquity. They are surprises only because those in power take selfies and cover up their selfishness, for a time.
– World Magazine


How is it that the American solution to years of Shite persecution by Saddam Hussein was to put Shite’s in control of a Sunni-majority country. What did that get for us and for the Iraqi people?

Here is other wisdom from World Magazine today:  “U.S. leaders also made mistaken assumptions regarding China, Cuba, and Vietnam. We repeatedly exaggerate the role of material provision and underestimate the importance of will, which is related to worldview. And if we want to think more deeply about cause and effect, we should stop the current drive to stifle religious teaching within the military, and start studying the Bible.”

I have to say that I believe the World Magazine article gets it right!



Iraqi Surprise vs. Biblical wisdom


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