A Case for Discipleship

What is discipleship?

John Eldredge in Waking the Dead makes a great case for discipleship.

Eldredge paints a picture of what the church does to “ruin” new members. Now, let me say that his illustration does not ruin all members but his case is well taken.

In American churches we tend to apply American cultural values even to the discipleship of members. That mostly consists of courses we offer to educate on life issues and to ground members in a biblical understanding. The content and materials are not the issue. The point Eldredge makes is that we convince those in our care that if they conquer the content of the materials presented, they will became masters. In many situations, the way content is presented leads a person to develop an ego regarding accomplishment and pride results. Much of the content in our courses is good but how it is delivered makes all the difference. Class, course, and small group discipleship needs to have focus on our walk with God. Leading us into a walk or a deeper walk with Him is the goal. After all, knowing God more intimately is the point of discipleship. “Only by walking with God can we hope to find the path that leads to life.” Let’s follow Jesus. “Not ideas about him. Not just his principles.” Let’s follow Him!



4 thoughts on “A Case for Discipleship

  1. Point well-taken, even here in Canada. And a good reminder personally. As someone trained in scholarship in academia I sometimes fall back on, “If only they knew the right stuff their life with Jesus would better”. I honour the Christ, but it could be interpreted that content is the path to growth, when we all know Paraclete leads us to maturity and mission.


    • That is why I am taking a group of guys through the Battle, which I have a blog about coming soon. John Eldredge really gets it close on this point. I believe it is a part of USA culture too and maybe even coming from the church originally because the church is the one that initiated education in the Americas. The rational and thinking is very critical. But, we can leave out the emotion, desire and choices.


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