I am continuing in Eldredge’s book, Waking the Dead (Chapter 6).

This section hit me especially because ‘guided‘ relates to walking with God. Eldredge relates a situation where he is in scripture and The Lord urges his to meditate on it for a longer time. He interacts with The Lord on the passage and realizes why he needed that within an hour.

The beauty of what Eldredge shares is that we Christians, Jesus followers, need to be in this frame all the time. As we read and meditate on a particular passage we engage God on that passage. His Word has purpose for us–to impact us in that moment, change us forever, meet an immediate need, bread that we give away to others because they desperately need it. His word is alive and active. It is just what we need. And we need it all the time.

I remember Thanksgiving day , 2013. I took one Psalm for that day and the very Psalm I chose had so much application for a Thanksgiving day. It provided meat for a blog.The Psalm made reference to sharing with younger generations which we did that day and do always during our Thanksgiving event. Lastly, there was manna which so aptly applied to a sister who was dealing with cancer for the moment.

That’s the way His Word applies to my life. It applies to all aspects and situations in life. It has gotten me out of hot spots and lead me on many adventures.

Eldredge points out that living an adventure requires a Guide but settling into mediocrity will not need a guide. Eldredge encourages us to follow King David’s model of looking to God to make known the path of life (Psalm 16:11). We all need help finding that path.

Note: This is the first chapter in 4 where Eldredge introduces the four streams:  Discipleship, Counseling, Healing, and Warfare.  He explores each in a chapter.



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