Carpe Diem!

I told my guys, ‘we want to get to Carpe Diem!’ But, where is Carpe Diem for us? It may be a different place and a different time for each of us.

What did we mean by getting to Carpe Diem? For us, Carpe Diem (Latin, seize the day!), is being able to say that I am living out of my whole heart and I am fully alive to Christ!!!! Bold words! It is humbling to approach Carpe Diem in the spirit but doesn’t Christ want us to be there and with Him? Doesn’t he want us to seize the day, to be fully alive? I believe He does and that we who are His followers are somewhere along the continuum of living with a shut down heart to living from a whole heart and fully alive to Him.

How do you get to your personal Carpe Diem with Christ? Ask Him how! Going through the book, Waking the Dead with a group of like-minded followers of Jesus will help. Seek out the company of those who want to seek Him and follow Him. Don’t live for crumbs off the floor! Go for an invitation to the Royal Banquet at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

He is worthy of your desiring His invitation to sup with Him. You are worth it to Him–He designed you to be with Him, in Him and fully alive to Him.

Seize the day my dear!


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