Walking on tiles and not stepping on cracks or you will die

Walking on tiles and not stepping on cracks or you will die I took this title from a Facebook page.   Aha! There are other people who deal with this, I am not alone!

At one point in my young life, I did deal with this.  What is this????   Why do we develop these tendencies?   I did it so much when I was at a certain age, I asked myself, ‘what is wrong with me that I can’t step on a line on the floor, on the ground, anywhere?   Was it my shyness?  Was it my response to controlling authorities?   What made me that way?  I want to know.  I may never know in this life.


I am thankful I don’t do that anymore.

I walked into work this morning and thought about what a phobia that used to be for me and wondering when I ever got past it?   Like many phobias we develop, maybe another, more powerful phobia takes over?   Maybe we just decide it was odd that we made such a big deal out of something so insignificant?

I thanked God that I had made it past that phobia and do not have to deal with it any more.  But, what phobias and fears still exist that are yet to surface.   What will I contend with in the future?

I don’t kn0w but I am much more aware that I have a dear Friend to take all my idiosyncrasies to now.  He will guide me through and to the best end.

I can be thankful and confident in that.  He knows me inside and out.  He knows where I am vulnerable and where He wants to make me strong.  I can rely on that fact.  He has me.  He has my future.  He has all that is me.  He sees and He oversees my goings and comings.  Aaaah, that is peace.  I am made by Him and He knows me.



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