Device-free Weekend

I am enamored with the thought of getting away from devices and being with people or just being in nature.  

I have gone through the 210 Project and one of the last elements of the who project is taking a SOLO day away to get with God and contemplate what He would have you do with your future.   I have not done that day away yet but I plan to do it this month.

CEO, David Sable inspired me even more when he wrote about his device-free weekend.  Here are some of his thoughts.

With our thumbs forced to be idle, and most devices rendered useless by the high mountains anyway, the ripple effect was exponential. Not a single person talked about the latest, greatest world/game-changing addictive app ….. There were no discussions about monetizing things digital, no one speculated about the next, overvalued anything to go public, and no one — no one — wasted a thought on second or third screens.

Small wonder then that high atop the mountain, I felt the exhilaration of being unplugged — side by side with some extraordinary thinkers in person, breaking bread with them, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, talking, asking and answering questions. Real community.

So consider it: a device-free weekend.  How does that sound to you?  Can you live without any device for a weekend?  I’d love to know your thoughts.





2 thoughts on “Device-free Weekend

  1. Not being glued to any device most of the time they are just tools, not attachments! But my wife and I often remark when we are in public seeing a group of people sitting at the same table and all of them using their phones with their thumbs and hardly ever talking to each other unless it is to say who just texted them, etc. Too much of anything of this world can become – too much!


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