Do not be Anxious: a teaching for Jesus’ disciples

My reflections on Jesus teaching about anxiety, Luke 12: 22-34.

God knows when we are anxious.  He knows every outcome.  He has all the outcomes in our lives.  I can be confident of that.

Do NOT be anxious about your life or any aspect of it.  Consider your value to Jesus and the Father.  You have great value to the Father. (v. 23-24)

Anxiety does not add anything to life of value.  There is an answer to everything — every difficult issues we face in life. (v. 25)  There is no rationale for anxiety. (v. 26)  God takes care of everything. (v. 28)   In fact, if you are anxious, you have no faith (you have idols).  Do not seek things–material possessions. (v. 29)  seek Him and His Kingdom and He will supply your need.  He will add to your life what you need. (v. 30)

God is giving you His Kingdom!  He can be trusted!  You can be free to give away your wealth and your possessions and He will get glory.  Rejoice in Him and give!

He ends this teaching with the kicker!  Where you focus our attention, that is where your heart is.  Where you accumulate “wealth,” that is where your hearts is!

My response to Jesus’ teaching:  What conviction!  I do not trust Jesus as commanded by this passage.  O ye of little faith.  I have such small faith.  

Father, I give you my faith and lack of it.  I give you my eyes.  Help me see your glory.  Help me sense your presence with me when I am lost and do not see a way forward.  I get lost many times, I am lost many days.   Help me!  I don’t want to worry.  I want to see your work & know you are here.  I want to worship you in the most difficult moments.  Father in Heaven help me turn to you even in the dark hours, for You are my comfort.  In You is life, the life I want and need. 

I am so overwhelmed by His love.   I am loved by Him and want to love Him in response.  He will give me wisdom and life.  I choose this life–the life He gives.  His is abundant life and I receive it from Him now.


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