Do Not Be Anxious

Yesterday was a magical day in my life.  That thought ties mainly to the problem I was facing and to a person God sent along at just the right time to encourage me and to let me know that He is present and at work.

I have gone through a period of anxiety because I had a difficult problem at work.   The problem is not important.  What is most important is how God crafted the circumstances where I could solve the problem.  

Day before yesterday I was trying to find a solution to this problem and was up against a brick wall.  I called my wife.   At the end of our conversation she prayed for me and we parted.

After that call and the prayer, I began to make headway.  The results were fantastic!  Things seemed to come together as they never had.  By the end of the day however,  I was stuck again.  I carried that through the evening.  This morning I opened my Bible to Luke 12 and reflected on verses 22 through 34.  “Do not be anxious” was a big indictment on me because I had been anxious over this issue I was having at work.  It had consumed me for several days.

I went to the kitchen on the floor where I work to make tea.  In walks a lady whom I have never seen before and she asks how I am doing?  I told her “not so well, I need to solve several problems”   then I will be better.  Her responses to me were totally positive and affirming.  I thanked her and bid her a good day and went back to my cube.  

Two of my friends at work were about to meet for prayer.   I walked down the stairs to the first floor where we meet and through the door to the lobby of the building.  Out of the elevator comes this lady whom I had never seen before on our floor and she is not carrying the coffee she came to the kitchen to get.

My friends and I prayed and I returned to my problems for the day.  During our prayer time, I prayed about solving the problems I was up against at work and for one of the friends who was facing some major hurdles at work as well.   

As I came back to my cube, I sensed a great peace about all that was going on in my situation.  And yes, sure enough, as I sat there at the computer, the solutions just seemed to come, I had put together the answer to the issue that had nagged me for days.  It pays to pray and to seek God’s face about everything.  That’s what I believe.   

More on not being anxious tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Do Not Be Anxious

  1. Thank you for a lovely post. Coincidentally, over the last few days I have been meditating about faith, about how all that Abraham did was to believe God, nothing more. I am sure that kind of faith is the biggest challenge to every Christian, although we might not be aware of it.


  2. God does work. I do the same as I hear you, become surprised at that when God does something so obvious I can’t miss it. But thanks for telling the story to remind me again that God is bigger than our problems/issues.


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