Getting Unstuck

I just picked up my wife’s little book called Trust by Lydia Brownback. This is one that has daily devotionals. That is, a scripture and a couple of paragraphs of comment by the author.

Because I am reading Waking the Dead by John Eldredge I was interested in some of these daily devotionals on unbelief. I will share some of her comments here.

Getting Unstuck

So we see that they (the Israelites) were unable to enter because of unbelief. Hebrews 3: 19

The underlying source of our anxiety–most, if not all, of it–is unbelief in God and a corresponding unwillingness to follow him.

For the Israelites of old, had God’s presence to guide them by day and by night; they had all the food they could possibly need miraculously provided in the manna that God rained down from heaven, and they had the guarantee of God’s protection. Despite all this–God’s presence, provision, protection, and promises–the Israelites were constantly fearful about what might go wrong. As a result they were unable to find the heart rest that was available to them every moment.  –Lydia Brownback

God has taught me much through the children of Israel. They are a model of how we respond to God both positive and negative.

The next day her devotional follows up on the Israelite fear.


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