A Package Shows the Sovereignty of God

I bought my wife a laptop before Thanksgiving, 2013. I decided to give her older laptop to a student I correspond with in Ethiopia. I wanted to share my correspondence with him just after the package containing the laptop and phone arrived on March 3rd, 2014 to you. We mailed the laptop in early December.

My email back to Dessu relays what God taught me about His sovereignty during the process.

Good morning Dessu, Sheila got the message about the package arriving before I did, because I was traveling yesterday with 2 grandchildren.

All praise be to the Father. He is the one to be glorified and honored. He
is the one who delivered the package. Once we left the package at the post
office it was in His care. It is a miracle, truly His miracle, that it
arrived safely to you.

Dessu, do you believe in the sovereignty of God? I do and this ordeal, this process, had a great deal to do with the sovereignty of God. I say this so that we both grow in understanding His mightiness and care.

Right after we shipped the package–Sheila met with a missionary(USA) working in Uganda and mentioned that we shipped the package to you in Ethiopia. She said, “yes, will be a miracle if it arrives.” When I heard that my heart sank and went to the reality of what can happen to it as it moves from country to port to ship to port to continent to port to trucking service to country borders to another country to country postal service to trucking service to local postal service to actual delivery to you. God’s care and supervision was over all of that process! He oversaw everything involved in getting that package to you.

But there is more. We pulled out the receipt we received from the PO here
and on it was a message about inquiring about lost or stolen packages.
Because it was international shipping it was insured for a certain dollar amount. I picked a date that I would call the post office. I did not call on that
date but I did call last week right before I messaged you with the message I
heard on the post office phone system. In the phone menu as I called, there
was an option to check package status. I went there instead of going to the
option to report a stolen package. That is where I heard “the item cleared
customs in Ethiopia on March 3rd at…” I did not get the time. I was
calling in the early afternoon on March 3rd!!! Oh my God, I called on the
very day it cleared customs there. When we checked online, all we ever say
was “left New York port on December 26” and no more information.

Isn’t God good in speaking to me His kindness and sovereignty over all THIS
and everything else in our lives? Now, we must believe His sovereignty.

That laptop is actually newer that the laptop that I use to telecommute to
work on when I work from home. The laptop I use is very old. In fact it is so old the plastic in it near the fan has melted slightly due to the heat put off by the fan. It is also heavier than the one we sent. If your laptop had not arrived, I want thinking about a way to ship this older laptop to you but by a different method that would get it to you. HOWEVER, because we used God’s shipping service–all is well. All is well because our souls are well. Our souls are well because they are placed into the care of a tender, loving, and affectionate heart of God. Yes, He has our hearts and we can rejoice in that and worship Him.

Dessu, I want to believe and train myself to worship Him and acknowledge His tender, loving, affectionate heart towards me whether or not my package arrives!!! That is also a lesson for me.

We can rejoice and worship Him because what He has done. BUT, and this is a hard “but” for us sometimes, we can rejoice and worship Him even if the package had been forever gone and never arrived. That is truth. He is a
good, tender, loving, affectionate God regardless of our circumstances. I
have been thinking this phrase from David of the Old Testament much lately: “I will trust Him though He slay me!” David is admitting that our God (the same God he worshiped) is worthy of trust, glory , and honor in life and even in His taking of our lives into death. He is trustworthy there too
because He is ALL good. Father, may I believe that and cling to that all of
my life.

Receipt of the package is just a beautiful time to drop to our knees and
worship the awesome loving God that He is. He is awesome! We must bow and give Him glory for being who He is and having revealed himself to us and for the joy of the thought that one day we will see Him as He is and worship Him forever and ever. Dessu, I just feel as if you and I have been together, worshiping the living, loving God as I wrote this. That is what I want to do and I truly believe that is what you want to do.

I leave you and the package in His care. May He continue to show you and I
mercy and kindness as we seek Him and His glory.


3 thoughts on “A Package Shows the Sovereignty of God

  1. A wonderful story! I think the verse you refer to, though, is Job 13:15.
    May computers be good tools for Good News to God’s good people.


    • My prayer is that Dessu goes far. I believe He will. He and his fellowship are great ministers in the streets and even to Muslims there.

      More peace, more power!


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