The Temporal and The Eternal

I will go off on my on tangents from Eldredge. Eldredge’s words inspire me to see other truth as I delve into what he is saying.

This is another example of my tangent from the book.

“Though outwardly we are wasting away…” Paul

Oh My God, if men and women could just grasp this truth, we are dying daily, we will never get today back, it is gone forever.

Did I do what I could have done today for the sake of eternity?

Only the eternal really counts in the spiritual economy–things temporal will fade away. Now I am here to use the temporal to gain much for the eternal.


3 thoughts on “The Temporal and The Eternal

  1. Bull’s eye! Our bodies are dying. Pleasures will, then, have to end, worldly pleasures that is, so store up treasures for eternity. I like the way your words come together on this.


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