Bread of Life, Bread of Heaven

Bless the Apostle John–the one whom Jesus dearly loved.

I love the gospel of John.   We all love it don’t we.  I, like Jimmy Needham, see the offer of the Son of God to the people and to me.

In John 6, Jesus feeds the 5000.  One man feeds five 5000 people in one setting.  Jesus walks on water.  Do you know anyone who can walk on water?

I am the Bread of Life

John, for our sakes, gives a more detailed description of Jesus’ dialogue or interaction with the people.

These are the people Jesus fed earlier in the chapter.   I assume they were hungry again and maybe wanted free food rather than going away to the market to buy food.

Jesus engages them.  He tells them they seek his food and but they should work for food that endures for eternity.  They are perplexed of course.  “How do we do these works?”   “This is the ultimate work,  believe in Me whom God in heaven sent down.”

They immediately express disbelief.  “We must see signs!”   It was not enough for them that they ate His bread and that they saw 5000  people being feed by Him perhaps only the day before.

Jesus takes them back to their traditional beliefs: “It was not Moses who fed you bread from heaven, it was my Father, He gives you the true bread from heaven.”  “God’s bread is He who comes down and gives life to the world.”    “I…am…that…Bread!”


“But you do not come–you have seen me and yet you do not believe!”

Jesus move on to teach theology.  Can they take it in?

“The Father has already given me followers, even before I came down.”   “They hear, they respond, and I will not loose any of them.”   I promise you now, for I will raise them to eternal life the last day.”

In a very short intermission these Jews go rational on Jesus.  They begin to rationalize about Jesus’ pedigree.   People,  do not go rational on Jesus.   He wants your heart!   He wants more for you and from you than just what your brain can conceive!

As they grumbled He says, “Don’t be so rational, there is not gain there.  You will not see, you will not come unless My Father draws you to me.”

“All who hear My Father and have learned from Him, COME TO ME!”

“I am the ‘living’ bread!”  Whomever partakes of this Bread has eternal life!” “Partake please!”

He goes deeper in His theology.  Not for their sakes, no, but for ours, for those who really do believe in Him.

“If anyone will eat this bread, I will give him life!”

“You must eat my flesh!   You must drink my blood!”   “If you do, I will give you eternal life!”  Whomever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood truly abides in me, and I in him.”

Jesus,  you have the words of eternal life!  Let me worship You here right now!!  Where else could I go for food and drink.  No other source satifies.

Father make me faithful to follow Your Son to the end as Jesus’ disciples did.


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