How can we really See?

I am continuing a walk through Waking the Dead by John Eldredge.

At the beginning of chapter 2, Eldredge dives into a deep topic–seeing. I say that because awaking the heart of a human is probably the most difficult and arduous journey. It doesn’t have to be, but it has been for me. Seeing is a relative term. Jesus through His sweet Spirit teaches us how to see and we are all at some level of seeing or non-sight–different levels of delight depending on our openness to truth and many other factors.

Eldredge starts chapter 2 with some lines from the Matrix between Neo and Morpheus. He then alludes to Lucy of Narnia fame, Aladdin, Elisha from the Old Testament, then Peter, James, and John who follow Jesus up to the Mount of Transfiguration.

Why did Jesus lead the three up on the Mount? It was not so they could get a better view of the land below. He led them up to see who He really is. While there they got insight which no other person on the earth has received up to that time. They were the first to see Jesus in all His glory. And, if they did not believe their eyes, they had multiple encounters to verify what they were seeing. The Holy Spirit came in the visible form of a dove and rested on Jesus’ shoulder, the Father spoke in a loud voice, letting them know that this was His Son. They saw then who it was they were interacting with in real life. Knowledge transfer. Wisdom infused. Understanding enlightened.

They saw. They know. They understood, maybe for the first time ever.

That is what Jesus wants to accomplish for us. He wants to take us up to our Mount of Transfiguration. He wants to reveal Himself. He wants to show His Glory. He wants to remove the blinders. He longs for you and I to see–to see what He desires for us.

He wants us to see Him, His plan, to give us meaning, help us move out in His purpose.

He wants so much for us. Are you able to receive? Are you open to hear? Do you want to ascend your Mount of Transfiguration with Him?


2 thoughts on “How can we really See?

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