Reaching the Pinnacle, What’s Next?

The story I shared yesterday about Kelly Clark, the snowboarding Olympian, is not the story I wanted to share with you.

There is a better angle on her life and how she came to Jesus.  Years ago Kelly had reached the top of her game and she experienced the loneliness and lack of fulfillment that a journey to the top brings in almost every arena of life.

But God knew.

Yes, she was in God’s corner without even knowing it and He had a plan.  Kelly over heard a fellow athlete tell another struggling athlete, “It’s all right, God still loves you!”

Hearing that simple statement sent Kelly on a quest. She did not know about God. That tiny statement to someone was God’s whisper in her ear, “I’m real, don’t you want to know Me?”

The point the story made to me is that we never know what small act God will use to show another His kindness.

Read the rest of Kelly’s story.


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