Waking the Dead, Chapter 1 Summary

I am sitting here praying about what I am reading in Chapter 1 of Waking the Dead. Lord, there are so much truth below what I am reading here. I need to go an meditate on these things. I need you to come and write on my heart the truth I need from you. It is Your Story and I am in it, but mine is such a small story. How does my little story tie to your Story?

There are so many concepts in chapter 1 which need to be expanded on. I believe they will be expanded on throughout the book. But as I prayed above. I don’t just need to read the rest of the book, I need God to tell me what is important for me now as I read and reflect on what is here. Then, I trust He will marry the truth from the book with what I am getting from the Word these days.

Eldredge covers a large swath of truth in chapter 1 which we all need. We need to go deep as God leads us down. Eldredge starts out with a wild adventure he took with others to a place called Fairweather Mountain. There is a point to the story that I don’t need to get into here but it does tie nicely to the journey he is about to take me on in the rest of the book. He uses the story as a springboard to get to the point that life is hard and we live in a fog, not seeing clearly most of the time. Why does God not answer our prayers our way? Why does He take so much time or why does He not grant at all sometimes?

He then moves to our desperate, desperate need for vision of what God is trying to get across to us. We need God’s ‘eyes’ to see what is truly going on in our lives. We do, we so desperately need God’s eyes to see the spiritual reality that is happening all around us–to discern, to perceive, to move into the chaos at times with courage and His resolve, as He calls us to move.

Eldredge moves to the positive Saint Irenaeus statement about God’s glory is us being fully alive: “The glory of God is man fully alive.” A couple of other writers perceive this too. A Christian comedian is out with a book: Fully Alive. Also Dr. Larry Crabb has just released a book: Fully Alive.

Being fully alive in Christ, receiving all that He has for us and then giving, or with Him, offering His life to others is the Christian’s dream come true. If it is not your dream, pray to the Father that He will change your heart right now. The battle we are in (another Eldredge topic) demands that we become fully alive in Christ to see the victory that you and those around you need. There are hurting, hungry people around you who need you to step up and step into their lives to supply what is missing as an agent of Christ. If you are not there, then you are missing some of what Christ is offering you. It is a beautiful vocation/avocation.

Then Eldredge hints at “original glory.” He does not dig in deep to original glory but we know we’ve lost our original glory in the Fall. Our glory faded, but, as we come back to life, we receive some of the original glory and in receiving back glory and becoming more alive, we reflect God’s glory. I’d love to know more about man’s original glory. This reminds me that II Corinthians 3 says, God is in the process of moving us from one level of glory to another (from glory to glory).

Regarding the battle, the question is are we going to engage and commit to fight in the battle or are we going to just sit it out and hope that things get better. Eldredge, towards the end of chapter 1, encourages engagement–engage in the battle because otherwise the Enemy will come and steal everything away that is meaningful and important from an eternal perspective.

Lord, help me to want to engage. Give me the understanding and wisdom I need to fight wisely and not become weary. Give me your eyes to see, that I may engage with courage and your strength. Show me your glory and cause my life to give you glory.


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