How Churches are Harming Human Trafficking Victims

Did you know that January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month? According to the White House, this is a time to reflect on modern-day slavery and “renew our commitment to ending this scourge in all its forms.” A project of the United Methodist Church, on the other hand, is committing to emphasize “reproductive services” for victims without regard for their emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Forced slavery is a $32 billion industry. It exists everywhere and knows no borders. An estimated 21 million people are trafficking victims. According to the International Labor Organization, 11.4 of those victims are women and girls. And 4.5 million of the total enslaved are victims of sexual exploitation…

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One thought on “How Churches are Harming Human Trafficking Victims

  1. The scale of this staggers my mind. It shouldn’t because I have seen and read how humans act so inhumanely, but it is one of those problems like the elephant in the room – pretend it’s not there. Thanks for anything you do to raise the profile.


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