Hear His Voice

“Hear His voice…” That was a phrase in some material I was studying this morning. I stopped and reflected on the phrase…hear His voice. My how good is God to me. I have heard His voice over and over and over. Thank you Father for driving home Your Word to me when I read it. Thank you for speaking to me through other believers around me. Thank you for speaking to me as I pray on Saturday morning with other believers. Thank you for speaking to me during worship on Sunday morning. That you for speaking to me through the preached word Sundays and at other times. I am so blessed, if only, because, God has stopped me from talking and taught me that He wants to talk to me. That brings so much meaning to my life. It diminishes all the pain and sorrow that I have known in this life. It gives me peace and comfort. Jesus speaks and we must hear.

As I continued to reflect on “hear His voice..” my mind went back to Black Friday. My wife and I went to the local Christian book store that morning. The store had Jesus Calling and other Sarah Young books on sale that morning. In fact, my wife picked up several of her book for gifts to other people. Lots of other women were grabbing her books as well. As I thoughts about “hear His voice” and the Jesus Calling book. I realized that many other people, particularly women, want to hear God speak too. That’s clear by how popular Sarah Young, Nancy Guthrie, and Lydia Brownback books are. Some of their books are written in a devotional style as God in the first person saying things to the person. Those are great “tune ups” to having God speak to us. What He longs for is that we focus on His “fresh” word to us. That does not always come through scripture or a reference to scripture or a spiritual concept, but is does for the most part. Sometimes God will speak to us through our experiences.

God wants to speak. Many Jesus followers are hungry to hear. Many others have wounded hearts that don’t allow them to hear.

There is repair. There is a starting over with God. We can overcome the lies we believe about ourselves and about what God expects. We can put all that behind us and throw ourselves on His mercy right where we are. He knows already. He understands. He cares and loves more that we can comprehend.

We simply lay ourselves at His feet and say, “speak Dear Father.”

If we do, He will.


Tuned to His Voice


3 thoughts on “Hear His Voice

  1. I don’t think we ever have to ask God to speak to us because God always does. It is Hearing what God speaks that is the issue. And then when God speaks to us something we don’t want to hear the key is to heed it anyway and not close our ears and claim God doesn’t speak to us. Oh, God doesn’t always speak what we want to hear – only what we need to hear. God’s voice…


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