We are at War

The war really began before creation but was amplified in the Garden of Eden. When Satan took eternal life from Adam and Eve, a promise was made in Genesis 3:15, that the Son and Satan would always be at odds. That battle goes on today. It became more real and vivid when Christ was born. His coming was an invasion, another act of war. He stepped into enemy territory and made a huge statement to the Evil One by coming. Making the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15 an earthly reality. The Evil One responded at His birth by attempting to have Him killed but the heavenly forces were the wiser and had the babe moved.

Why did the baby come? Per Eldredge, to win our freedom and restoration. I believe he is right. Christ said in Luke 4:18 that He came to liberate captives (those bound by the Evil One), give site to the blind.

In the Great War or wars before creation Satan was not victorious in His fight against the Holy. When God created man, Satan turned his focus to us, who bore the image of the Holy. We’ve been his focus since creation.

To be overcomers in this life, we must take our armor, engage and fight against the forces of evil which surround us. The aim of that evil is to invade our hearts and shut us down emotionally, and spiritually. We must arm and be perceptive. It is as Jesus said: “the enemy come only to steal, kill, and destroy…”


One thought on “We are at War

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