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Let God be Your Guide

God wants to guide us. That is one of the premises of the book: Waking the Dead. On page 93 Eldredge runs through several scenarios where God guided he and others and where lots of pain and loss were avoided or where God was simply revealing His will and showing Eldredge that path God wanted him to follow. God promises to make clear the path He has for us. (Psalm 16:11).

Eldredge makes a great point that the Christian’s life is not the application of tips and techniques that we so often get packaged in Sunday school lessons or sermons. A totally committed follower of Jesus will need a Guide. A totally committed follower of Jesus will desperately need Jesus and the Holy Spirit as guide.

I encourage to thoughtfully read Waking the Dead. Don’t do as I did the first time around and read through just trying to finish. I got nothing out of it. There is a gold mine in this book.


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