New Beginnings for the New Year

I started 2013 with thoughts about what that year held for me and for what I should put out on this blog. That centered on truth from God’s word but as emphasized in The Lord of the Rings. Well, as contained in The Lord of the Rings with some liberal liscense. The themes of The Lord of the Rings fit nicely with what Scriptures present us. God has chosen each one of us for a part to play that is ours and ours alone. If we do not find a way, no one will. Evil is forever and always in this life hunting each of us. But, there is a great Fellowship which longs to protects. And, if I could add, will protect us through our calling because the God above is in fact, a part of that Fellowship and He will see that we are protected.

I touched on those themes in many ways and truly it was a long and drawn out year for me. I faded in the middle but came back to the task but not as strong as I would like.

Those thoughts and truths are so relevant to what this life is all about for the Jesus follower that I have to come back to them in some manner in 2014.

One of the men today who has had great impact in that area is John Eldredge. He has devoted his life to helping men come alive to the challenge. I used some of his materials last year. Here is a link to a summation of some of the concepts he puts forward.

Now, John Eldredge is not the only man summarizing great truth for men and women today. There are many but because I began rereading one of his books: Waking the Dead. I decided to feature and summarize some of the things talked about there during the first of 2014. So here we go and I wish you well as you contemplate the heroic nature of your calling to the future–the calling that God is placing on your life. May The Force be with you. Don’t let the world steal your glory and your thunder. Trust God to support you and be with you as you move into His Story. He has a grand and glorious plan for you in 2014. May you serve Him well.


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