Lectio Divina

What is Lectio Divina? There are resources out there but good ones are hard to find. Here is a web site with a short explanation. The main point I want you to know is that it is an approach into the Word of God which allows us to grasp more of what He might want to communicate to us. It is an approach which can be used individually but there is more benefit when it is done in a small group.

The Lectio Divina Site

To stretch your mind I am throwing in this video of a very large group doing meditation on a scripture. I believe that is LaCrae, Beth Moore, Francis Chan and others read a passage of scripture and guided the audience to the point of meditation as the video begins–watch!

Do the Scriptures impact you as it impact these fellow believers?

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Lone Survivor and Pashtunwali

This film makes me find courage in difficulty and seek other qualities of the human spirit which transcend the menial existence of everyday life. These brave men of the American military show the “uphill” battle our men and women face as they stand to protect freedom our forgotten forefathers and fore mothers fought and died for.

Out of it comes good. I see courage, valor, strength and perseverance. All these virtues and more we do well to desire and show when a moment calls for them.

What else is in Lone Survivor, the movie?
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Work for the NSA?

I diverge from Eldredge here. I want to use a Will (Good Will Hunting movie) scene coming up and I came across this quote by Will. Is interesting since the NSA is in the news.

Is Will on to something? Isn’t this the way the systems work–even the American systems? I believe Will has a message for the systems of the world and the evil within.