We are at War!

My how I relate the Christmas events to the truth of the Word.

Jesus promised war and the enemy helps Him deliver on that promise.

My wife and I are at the daughters on Christmas Eve. Two of the children are home from college and their friend is over.  The friend suggests going to a movie and mentions The Wolf of Wall Street.   I don’t know that she actually recommended it but merely brought it up. The two grands chimed in “Yes, that might be good, the trailer looked good.”

Thus began the next hour’s dialogue–that is a kind, low-key word for what happens next.

Our daughter looks up the pluggedin.com review  of The Wolf of Wall Street and that provoked the strong dialogue that took place.

I realized that the college student grands do not see the war we are in.  The culture: the movies, the advertisements, the water cooler conversations, the display of wealth, the list goes on and on, all these contribute to the craving to be like all the things we see.  That is unless we know enough about what Jesus said or unless we know enough of what happened to Judah and Israel in the Old Testament to know that there is a giant “tug” on our hearts to conform, to compromise, to align, to be ‘hip,’ to deny reality–again this list goes on and on and varies by the person.

We are in a battle!!!

We will not win unless we are willing  to “open our eyes,” to see.  To see what is going on around us and even deep within our own hearts.  A battle rages and it is sucking us down and away from reality and truth.  We’ve got to fight, put on the armor, take courage, mount up with wings like eagles, be ready, instant in season and out.

If not, we go down!

I am praying from my grands and their eyes.  The conversation over The Wolf of Wall Street was just a tiny sparing.  I pray they “see” and arm themselves for the big battle.

We are in a huge battle and it is for the very heart and soul of a person.  We have support but if we just stagger through life and don’t arm ourselves with truth to see reality, we are sure to loose!


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