Be It Done to Me…

Mary, the birth mother of Jesus, got it right. When she was confronted with truth and receiving that truth caused faith to exude from her heart. “Be it done to me according to your word” Lord!

I heard this passage dissected tonight and here is my take away. I am sure you have heard, “don’t just stand there, do something” when an apparent emergency presents itself. In following Jesus, really following this man of Galilee, we are challenged to not let the world overpower us with its thinking and approaches. We learn to thoughtfully take what we are presented and pass it through the sieve of Jesus’ philosophy of life. “What would Jesus do?” Jesus just might have us NOT “do something,” but rather “just sit there” and wait for Him to show up. Yes, He calls us to do something, but sometimes doing something is an excuse for not believing in Jesus. Doing something is a cop out to faith. Sometimes we need to wait, to pray, to rely on Jesus and not rely on our own powers. Sometimes the best thing to do is “just site there” and wait.

Look back at Mary’s heart and mentality. “What ever your will is Lord, I am willing to receive you way.” That was Mary’s heart in light of God’s will. Mary’s heart exhibited faith as did her words to the Rather.

May I mimic Mary in 2014. May we all learn from Mary and show more faith in the One giver of faith in 2014.

One thought on “Be It Done to Me…

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