The Church — the ultimate Community

…a fellowship desires to protect you… That’s one of the themes from The Lord of the Rings. As a Christians, and for most of my life, I wished that were true.

But, it is true. It is true because Jesus said similar things. What similar things?

When you see fellowship on this page, let’s get a much bigger view than say a local church, a Sunday school class, or a small group.

In The Lord of the Rings, the fellowship was a small group of men–about 8 or 9 I believe. But is God’s realm, fellowship is the small group you are in or your local church but as I said, we need to think big if we are to get a sense of what God wants to pull off for us.

Hebrews 11 speaks about a “cloud” of witnesses and there the implication is that they are surrounding us. The last verse of chapter 11 talks about perfection and seems to tie their perfection to our perfection. So, for that reason they’d love to see us finish and finish well. They are a part of our fellowship, surrounding us and cheering us on.
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