The Ultimate Call to Unity

The Word of God is rich and alive. If from God, it only takes a few words to minister to us Christ followers.

In John 17 Jesus prayers for you and I–amazing!! The words He uses woke me up. He refers to the unity in the Trinity between the members as THE model of unity for us the church left here on earth. The unity that we display before the watching world is a powerful testimony!

As if that is not enough to chew on, He gives us more. V. 22, we not only have the power and right to display unity before the world in our domains, we have been given glory. Jesus receives glory from the Father and gives us glory so that the glory of the Trinity may be known and honored in all the earth. They through us will then know that the Father sent the Son. Then, they will see His Glory.

One word from The Lord is worth a thousand sermons when pressed in the human heart.