God is in Control

Insight from my niece:

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Let me start off by saying I don’t make it a habit of picking up hitch hikers. In fact, I never have.

The day started off with some pretty crummy news….nothing life shattering…just some changes that I’m going to need to make in my photography business and perhaps the closing of that chapter in my life.

I had spent the morning pretty self-absorbed, tearful at times and just having a plain ol’ pity party. I have poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into that business, and, after three years of business and paying taxes, it just is not profitable.

I called my mother, spoke with her about my crummy news and as we were hanging up she reminded me to count my blessings. Fast forward to this afternoon. I’m leaving to go pick up Will from school and see my neighbor, Tommie, who I had not seen in some time.

So we talked, told her about my crummy news, and as we were talking a man about seventy years of age approached us. He was hobbling and walking with a cane. We both had not noticed where he came from but he was coming from the direction as if he had been in the neighborhood.

We exchanged pleasantries with him, he smiled, told us he was two weeks out of surgery and that he had to keep moving. He then made a gesture like he was going to continue to talk with Tommie, so I excused myself and muttered something about having to pick up my son from school. “Actually” he said, ”

I need a lift to a convenient store and was wondering if you could take me”. Before I could even

answer he was already at my passenger door.

I darted my eyes at Tommie, who was already mouthing “CALL ME” and giving me a worried look. I cleaned off my passenger seat for him and we were off.

What had I just done?? I looked in the rear view mirror at Naomi smiling. The nearest gas station was not even in the direction I was headed!! Ugh!! I started to get mad at myself.

The man began telling me about his surgery. He said he was staying with a relative but they were not home to take him. I felt myself getting irritated. At this point I was late to get Will. We arrived at the gas station and I told him that I would need to get my son from school (in case he didn’t hear me the first time). He replied “Oh don’t worry…I’ll hitch a ride back with someone else.”

As I watched him hobble out of the car, I suddenly felt the need to stay and take him back. I told him that as long as he was only five minutes I could take him back. He smiled, said he would take less time than that and would be back momentarily. I waited….again, feeling myself getting irritated. I began thinking that maybe I should just drive off and leave him when he suddenly appeared.

Hobbling back into the car with his goodies in tow, he began retelling his story on the way back. He had survived three cancers, the most recent surgery having his colon removed due to colon cancer. He had also been involved in a car accident as a teenager and was expected to be a quadriplegic. He showed me the scars left on his neck.

As we rounded the corner back into the entrance of the subdivision he told me that God obviously wasn’t done with him yet. That he was blessed beyond measure in life and that he was just waiting on the good Lord to tell him what to do next.

I stared at him wide-eyed, blurry through the tears welling up in my eyes. I told him that he had an amazing testimony and what an incredible witness he had been. He chuckled, saying “I’ve heard that a time or two.”

I suddenly felt so silly, so childish. I had been so self-absorbed with what I thought were problems that I failed to recognize that they were not problems, just bumps in the road. I AM BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE. And especially if a man who had endured so much sickness in his life could say that, how much more should I? I felt compelled to tell him the reasons behind my tears, and how ashamed I was for being so ungrateful.

Once inside of the entrance he insisted on not taking up anymore of my time and that I drop him off at the front of the neighborhood.

As he got out of the car he thanked me. “There are no bad days” he said smiling, “Just some are better than others”. Wow!! Just wow!! Thank you God for speaking to me through this stranger. I will never forget this!!! God knew that I needed to hear that. Wish I could thank that man, whoever he was.


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