The Great King David

We were meant for more than this! God meant you and I for greatness. God meant King David for greatness. However, King David goes a dark road before he comes to the greatness God has for him. He goes through periods where he is only sensing and fulfilling distorted desires. God brings him to deep humility and repentance and raises him up.

His life is the role model for us

We are in deep valleys at times. We do deeds we must repent of. We experience humility and deep repentance. Then Jesus raises us up to walk with Him to new heights and we move into more of His plan and our God given assignments.

I read II Samuel 11: 1-4. I can’t believe how quickly evil (including David’s distorted desires and lusts) took David down.

Our enemy often comes to us through unfulfilled desires such as honor, affirmation, intimacy, comfort, and physical touch. He then deceives us into believing that his way will fulfill those unmet desires, and we move into a distortion of our true masculine and feminine strength and succumb.

After looking at this passage several times. I go back to that moment when David viewed Bathsheba forKing David ~ Jerusalem the first time. In a moment his future changed drastically. In that moment David’s thought/choice reoriented his life and the lives of those closest and dearest to him.

David at that point had 9 wives. With nine wives, David had the capacity to be completely sexually fulfilled. But that line of thinking was not in his thoughts. Neither did he think of Bathsheba as a “Golden Haired Woman.” “There is a woman who belongs to God and another man. She is not mine. God has a plan and a purpose for her as He does for me.”

My prayer for myself and for you is that we develop a godly defense against the instantaneous temptation which leads down a negative and destructive pathway.

Kings go into battle in the spring of the year when the weather warms up. But what did King David do? He sent Joab and he stayed at home. So David was not following God’s will because he was not in the place he should be.

Bathsheba, RembrandtHe sees Bathsheba bathing. He inquires about who she is. He learns she is a married woman. She is married to Uriah, the Hittite. That is the stop sign–she is married. No, David did not stop!

Evaluate the scenario David finds himself in. What would be your thoughts? How would you respond to a similar situation?

Reflect on your life. Where are you leaving yourself open to temptation?

What are the legitimate desires underlying these temptations?

How is the enemy tempting you to distort your masculine strength or feminine beauty? That could be something as simple as thinking that “I take what I want and when I want it.”

Can you see a way forward where God can and will meet those desires in a legitimate way that honors Him?

How can you avoid the temptations? How do you fulfill the deep desires God placed in your heart?


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2 thoughts on “The Great King David

  1. David was one of the biggest failures in the world, but he is an amazing model because when his sins found him out he did not make excuses (like King Saul) but repented, confessed and reconciled with God (which sometimes cost a high price). Oh that people would follow such a powerful example of powerlessness.


    • The Jewish King David is such a good model for men on earth. I believe that is why much of his life is on display in the OT because God knows our weaknesses and David is someone many men can relate to.

      Thanks David.


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