King David Honors His Lord

II Samuel 5 and 6

The people of Israel pledge to David their loyalty asking. They honor him and affirm him by telling him that during the reign of Saul he was their real leader. They want him as “shepherd” and leader of the tribes.

David is crowned King of Israel and he has found favor with the King of Tyre who sends supplies to build a temple.

Then the Philistines attempt to kill him. He has to go against the Philistines. He seeks The Lord at every stage of resisting the onslaught of the Philistines. The Lord directs him and Israel‘s armies are successful at destroying the Philistine armies and taking their idols.

David makes a bold statement on his success: “The Lord did it!”

What is your response to God when He moves in you or in your behalf in your circumstances?

When I wrote these words my mind raced to many responses that I have had to the Lord’s works. The greatest responses is what He has done in my heart. How He has laid brick upon brick right inside me faithfully. He does not leave and He never gives up. He is Lord of the heart first. I lie prostrate on the ground before Him for that blessing alone!!!

Then, as a bonus, and certainly undeserved, he works among people and in circumstances around me.

He moves! He shakes! He conquers! He destroys! He builds up! He coordinates! His will is done, even in the muck and mire of human life here on earth.

Thank Him, praise Him that I have a king that rules in my heart, who brings peace and order out of this mess the Devil has created. Yes, I acknowledge him, he governs here. He is the source of much of what we see, even down to some of the neurological firings between one ear and the other. He is here to destroy us even through evil thoughts all the way to creating chaos in our situations.

What is your response when situations and circumstances do not go as you would like?

In these difficult circumstances we may still honor God because we know there is a “lion” roaring whose goal is our destruction. We plead the Lord’s mercy. We plead the Lord’s blood and we ask for His triumph in our battles.

The Lord directed David and his strategy and his armies because David was faithful to The Lord to seek Him; to know Him, and to honor Him.

But, you will see that this faithful seeker/servant is also vulnerable to the enemy’s attack. We can be deceived into believing the battle is on the physical battlefield. In the spiritual realm, the battle is on all fronts; from the most private parts of our lives to the most public places we can imagine.

This we will see in David’s life. We will see how what is done, thought in private becomes “news” to our realm or our domain and into the places we want to be honored. In those places our sins may be exposed, but for our good and God’s glory.

(II Samuel 5 and 6)


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