The Plight of the Children of Israel

The Children of Israel saw God’s goodness to them. They had seen Him deliver them from slavery in Egypt and even as they left He showed His power by killing off Pharoah’s army in the Red Sea. Yet, when their faith was tested, they faltered. Why?

The circumstances were that they were at Kadesh and had traveled a long way through an arid land. No doubt they were weary from the travel and from not having a place to call home.

I am trying to put myself in their shoes as they hear the report of the 10 spies and Caleb and Joshua.

What did they hear in their hearts when they heard these reports? They must have seen mental images of large fortified cities with lots of hard fighting to take down. They saw large well-equipped men whom their men would have to fight. The outcomes in their minds were death and destruction.

The bottom line is that they believed the majority report which was not God’s report. They believed they were small, weak, and untrained. Most importantly, they did not believe God was powerful. They believed instead that He was not on their side and that He would not protect them and give for them as they went to battle.

What is God’s view of the people? This is where it really gets nasty. If you look at the end of Numbers 14 you see what God really thinks. God speaks of the people as evil. God says these people despise Him! They only believe lies in their hearts. He destined them to wander and die in the wilderness. In a futile attempt to negate God’s word and will, some of them attempt to go into the land against His will. They all died in the land.

My conclusion after seeing the plight of the unbelieving children of Israel is that belief and what is in my heart is EVERYTHING! God see and knows whether I believe that He does. The people in my domain are very precious. I must handle with care and much prayer. I promote faith in a living God. I affirm them and call out their glory. I also call out sin as led by Him and show its consequences.

Fear is such a driver. Fear blinds us to what God is doing. It blinds us to good things God wants to give. Let’s not be driven by fear!


3 thoughts on “The Plight of the Children of Israel

  1. Very powerful message for soul searching. Trusting God is always best, but there are so many counterfeit voices, we need to stay close to the Shepherd to know his voice. We can trust unconditionally when we know it is Him.


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