The Fear/Faith Paradigm: Numbers 13

I am reflecting all that I learned from the the journey of the children of Israel out of Egypt. I see so much that I want to avoid in their response to their circumstance and to God.

I’ve pondered what was in the hearts of the 10 spies who returned from the promised land with a negative report. The energy that drove them was fear and unbelief! They viewed themselves as small and they viewed their God as small–not big enough to take the land.

Caleb and Joshua’s response was totally different from the 10 spies. “We can do this!” God has given us this land. He will deliver it into our hands. They believed that they served an awesome God. Their God is powerful! What He promised He will do. What drove them was faith! They believed that God had taken away the protection of the people in the land He had promised them.

What about the people of Israel–what happened in their hearts? The people believed the majority report–the report of the 10 spies. They feared the tall people of the land. They feared for their own lives, for their children, and for their possessions. Their dim view of God drove them to want to go back to Egypt. They lost their vision of how God wanted to bless them.

Fear is a major driver in our lives. As I have become more aware of my own fears, I see how I respond in my thinking, my words, and my actions based on fear. I even see people’s fear responses in news stories on television.

Our calling is to faith, not fear. We see the product of fear in Number 13 and 14. This is not a pretty picture. Those who fear were destined to wander in the wilderness and die there. Those who had faith lived to see God’s goodness.

Choose life! Live by faith!


2 thoughts on “The Fear/Faith Paradigm: Numbers 13

  1. God offers. People fumble. God’s patience eventually wears thin and the people trade a curse for a blessing. I’m speaking of now! May we live our little faith and overcome any fear. Again, inspiring insights.


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