Harry Sides Story

Harry grew up in a small West Virginia town. He parents remained there in the same home all their lives while Harry traveled the world.

Harry joined our group when we started on the journey of exploring our hearts for what God had placed there. The whole group was committed to follow the God’s lead, where ever it led. Not without firm grounding in the Word of God, I might add.

As Harry shared his false self, his pose he said that he has thoughts about his current work: “does what I do really matter?” He implied that he did not believe his work did matter. It grieved me to know that Harry did not believe his work mattered for anyone.

Harry is a lawyer and I am sure he has helped many people. He helped me with a legal matter. But, he did not believe that what he did really mattered in the end. Harry is in a better place now. The beauty of the story is how he got there–to that better place.

Harry is an only child. His parents live in West Virginia and are aging. His desire was simple. He wanted to be closer to them so that he could care for them as they aged and developed health issues. Harry had been trying to move back to West Virginia for years but has never been able to get an offer that would get he and his family back there. I talked to his neighbor about his desire to get back to West Virginia. She said, “He will never get there. He has been trying for years with no success.”

While I have been close to Harry, he has had interviews for 3 or 4 positions in Charlottesville but did not get an offer.

At a point, Harry was not sure he could continue in our group because of an immanent offer, but the offer never came. Then, months later, Harry gets a call from a legal office in Charlottesville. The man on the phone makes him an offer. This was based on an interview he had with that office a year before. It was so unexpected that in the conversation Harry did not believe the manager who was making the offer. He asked, “Are you explaining to me what the position is about in case there is some future opportunity or are you making me an offer?” This one was a real offer.

Harry is in West Virginia today and getting settled into his new role. He is close to his family so he can care for them when they need him. He is doing work that really matters–to him and to his clients. One of the reasons I believe God helped Harry make this move is because He wants Harry to know and believe that He, God, is the source of meaning even in what we do. He moved Harry to a place where Harry learns and experiences God as his source and meaning.

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