Saving Lily

I heard a heart breaker this morning. Lily is a high school junior in a very stable and loving family. She is not completely adjusted to the high school culture and mentality. For that reason some of her friends refer to her at times as weird or awkward. She is a strong girl but her older sister is the Miss High School and has many other accomplishments.

Last night Lily had been out with friends. She came home in good spirits and joined the family sitting around the TV. She said to her brother that she was going to a friends house tomorrow. He said, “Good” and not in an offensive way. She exploded and it was nasty. Her father took her outside and she completely broke down sobbing and expressing that none of her friends like her. She truly believes she is weird or awkward and doesn’t know how to related to people.

Lily takes off handed comments from her friends in stride but apparently they wound her. The wounds build and scarring takes place. The scares cause pain and the pain gets so intense that Lily breaks in front of her family over a benign word from her brother.

How many teenagers walk around with these emotions in their hearts everyday? Far to many. These wounds cause a heart to shut down. So many Christ followers live in a shut down state and don’t realize it.

I was that way until just a few years ago. I was there for so many years but did not know that I was not living up to my potential. I am still not home, but I am much farther down the road.

What do we do when we are shut down to God? We develop facades to cover those aspects of our lives we want to hide from others. Friends and society tell us what is acceptable and what is not and we believe the messages we hear over and over.

We receive negative messages from others without even realizing it. We believe lies about ourselves that the Evil One whispers in our ears. We believe they are all true when they are not. The lies are a mirage. They appear real but Jesus has the real truth about us.

If we are not grounded in our acceptance by Christ we give all kinds of wrong responses to the demands of others.

Jesus came to liberate us from our own expectation and the expectations of others. He simply says come to me, see me, I will lead you on the path you should go.

We can trust Him to do that. We must open up to Him and let Him lead.

Hello, My Name Is



2 thoughts on “Saving Lily

  1. I like those 2 songs and they get played on our local Christian station quite a bit. Since I’m reading your words I could not help but think of how Gollum seduces Frodo into thinking Samwise had stolen food, believed because Frodo was hungry, tired, and burdened with his mission…We are so quick to think wrongly without thinking of our own state and fixing it before it boils over. One of my mentors went to counselling every year, just in case! I admired him and it was an important lesson.


    • Good words. Gollum is such a great picture of evil hunting us. He promised a way forward and we don’t know the way. He is such a pitiful creature–makes me want to pity him. He speaks with apparent wisdom sometimes. He evil devices and motives are not readily apparent. He is perceptive of when we might be vulnerable.


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