I Sin, Peter Sins Part 3

We can take the Word of God, read it, and view what we read as a nice, succinct, recording of what happened in history.

We can read the Tolkien novels or watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy and take these as engaging entertainment and marvel as the amazing creativity of an ordinary man.

I see in The Lord of the Rings trilogy an epic story with abiding themes having greater implications than mere entertainment for the moment. Those themes have implications for all of life.

We can read the Word of God for its historical data and implications but also seek its significance for life as we experience it today. I believe God meant us to seek His Word for its historical implications and to find truth which applies to life as we live it in the modern world as well.

I find so much in Luke 22 with far reaching implications for me. I see my sin and the sacrifice of my Savior for my sin and the sins of the world. I see Peter and his comrades totally unprepared for the intense spiritual battle being raged in their midst. I see a Lord who understands the gravity of His circumstance and the frailty of the men around Him. He warns but the flesh fails and falters. The Lord moves forward with amazing strength given the intensity of the battle.

Today I am looking the Passover meal, the Last Supper, and meal The Lord has with his disciples (verses 14-23). I am listening to Jesus and looking for implications of the truth to my present circumstances.

Jesus instructs the disciples on the set up (verses 7-13). He is at the table with them and knows this is His last teaching and fellowship time with them per-crucifixion. With intense human emotion and desire Jesus speaks and breaks bread with them. He sees His suffering coming and He longs for this final intimate hour with them. In the midst of intense spiritual battle, Jesus gives. He gives Himself to His beloved disciples. The bread and wine become the symbols of His giving His life for all.

“This cup is poured out for you IS the new covenant in my blood.” The wine represents His blood poured out for these, His disciples, and all those disciples to follow. Great historical and spiritual significance comes with these words. A new order is coming. Jesus fulfills the need for the Passover. He becomes the lamb slain for blood which protects, seals, cleanses, and becomes the conduit for forgiveness. He gives His life to save the lives of so many.

Jesus delivers His truth succinctly here. I am glad the disciples remembered and captured the essence of Jesus words. Jesus asks us to remember His sacrifice, love for us, and caring spirit. Our God wants us to remember what He did for us.

I could spend many blogs on the truth and implications of the Last Supper. That will have to be another day and time.

All that Jesus says and does at the table, His Last Supper, has implications for my sin and Peter’s sin.


2 thoughts on “I Sin, Peter Sins Part 3

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