I Sin, Peter Sins Part 2

I am still looking a Luke 22. The scene where Peter denies the Christ is in all 4 Gospels. We also see it in John 18:15-27.

Before all these events The Lord warned Peter that Satan wanted him to “sift” him. That tells me that Satan saw character In him. Nonetheless, neither Peter nor any of the disciple prepared themselves for the events they are experiencing right now.

Peter and other disciples were encouraged to pray in the Garden. All they could conjure was sleep. Soldiers come to take Jesus and Peter’s response is to cut an ear(so spiritual). The majority of the disciples run. Peter and another disciple stay close and watch the events.

Peter is lead to the edge but he does not jump into the abyss. He does deny he knows his close friend as warned by Jesus. Peter comes to these challenges totally unprepared. Do we not do the same? I do. We suffer the consequences, Peter did. “…he went out and wept bitterly.” Luke 22:62. Peter weeps. He grieves. He sees the error finally but it is too late. He has already failed and he can’t undo that. He failed his Master and he can’t relieve the pain nor undo the harm to the relationship. Woe is he. Woe is me. I see myself in his failure.

Peter sees the Lord’s gaze into his eyes as the cock crows. Everything comes crashing down. Devastation ensues, anguish and deep remorse pursue him for days, no doubt. What is a man in his state to do? He finds no easy answer to the question.

He will find ultimate release however, and it will be transformational.


4 thoughts on “I Sin, Peter Sins Part 2

  1. The thing that strikes me is that Peter (like King David) wept over their sins. Sadly I see too many “Christians” today who slough it off, blame the victim, or use a religious law to justify themselves. We all sin, but repentance seems rare. May God forgive us, because we don’t know what we are doing.


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