Our God is Faithful

I am back in the swing of blogging. I took a detour while on vacation and God showed me some amazing shorts from the Old Testament which I will be sharing later on.

I am getting back to the themes of this year coming for The Lord of the Rings trailer.

  • God has chosen you (the Lord of the Rings says Fate has chosen him)
  • You have a part to play that is yours and yours alone, if you do not find a way no one will
  • Evil is Hunting you
  • A fellowship desires to protect you (no link here. I will cover in November.)
  • Those are all important concepts. I’ve covered the first two themes and am in the middle of Evil hunting us. I have so much to share on that theme.

    But before I do, I want to drop back and share something that I skipped. I did not realize that I skipped The Song of Moses from Exodus 15. That is a very significant passage in the Old Testament to me. I want to share my thoughts on it because it has touched me deeply. I pray my word express something that is good for you as well.

    I should have covered the Song of Moses under God has chosen you back in April but as I said somehow I missed putting these words out there.

    I have an ‘extra’ today. I just wrote a short devotional for my church from Exodus 15 on God’s faithfulness and generosity. Here is my thoughts.

    The Song of Moses recounts what God did for His people while in bondage in Egypt and during the exodus. In Exodus 15 Moses and the children of Israel stand on the other side of the sea. Their voices praise God for drowning the Egyptian horses and riders in that sea. God promised Moses He would see them through and He did it!

    Exodus 15:2, “The Lord is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation, this is my God and I will praise Him…” The Children of Israel praised God because they had just seen His faithfulness. Their God was strength, song, and salvation to them.

    God has become my strength, song, and salvation. As I look back over my life I see that my God, the God of Moses and Jacob, has been faithful to me! He has blessed me in every way.

    How can I ever thank Him for all he has done?

    I can not. But, seeing God’s faithfulness to me causes me to respond back. God’s generosity towards me and my family causes me to be generous.

    As I awoke this morning I know my giving at Oak Mountain is feeding orphans in India their second meal. It has helped a church planter form a church community in San Diego. It has met physical needs here in Shelby County, paid the staff who serve us so diligently and, yes, even paid the utilities. All of that and more is needed to allow a community like ours function in power, showing grace to all.

    Though I can never thank God enough for His loving care of me, I can believe Him–that He will continue to be faithful. Because He has loved me, I want to love Him back. Because He has been generous to me, I want to be generous back.

    Lord, how would you have me respond to your generosity? Thank you for all you have given me. Let me be your instrument of generosity to my family, co-workers, community, and my church. Thank you for calling me to yourself, for giving me strength and for blessing me with the opportunity to be a blessing to others. Lord, help me to be faithful to you with all you have given me.


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