Who was David Taaffe?

Today the world lost a beautiful man, and I lost a brother and a best friend. David showed love better than anyone I have ever met, and always had a smile on his face. He was a leader and an unbelievable servant for The Lord. He Has reached the end of his journey, and I know that he is playing soccer up in heaven with a smile on his face. I love you David and I will miss you, thank you for the blessing you were in my life. You will be deeply missed.   — Riley


I lost you yesterday.

It doesn’t seem real that you are gone. I haven’t for one moment really felt that you are gone. Perhaps because the past few years have been spent at college, I haven’t truly been able to express my love for you, dear friend. Brother. The one that I never had. I’ve been thinking that had this happened to any one else, I would have looked to you for comfort and wisdom, but now that it has happened to you, David, I know not whom to seek out. I know we were brothers.

When I wake up tomorrow, it will dawn on me anew that I have lost the greatest role model I ever had. So strange to say that a guy my age molded me, guided me, and showed me so much. And yet at the same time, you were a peer, and you were my family. Never could I feel so close to someone who has been so far away recently as you. I wish I had transferred to Covenant so we could have spent these last few years together. I wish I could have accompanied you to Spain this summer and been able to relish your companionship. I told you last we talked that I wanted us to be able to live near each other in Spain some day. What sorrow I bear in not seeing that day come.

I lost a best man yesterday, for if and when I get married, I know that whoever hands me that ring will have been my second choice. Everyone keeps calling you an angel Dave, but they don’t realize they’re selling you short. You were a saint, God’s anointed son sent to touch and bless all of our lives these twenty short years.

You were my better half in every way. I wish that the last time we were together, on that run in the park, would never have ended, for if I could talk with you one last time, if I could see you one last time, if I could feel you running beside me one last time, I would run until my legs fell off and my heart collapsed. There is so much I have left to say.

I’ve never been good at expressing my emotions, telling those close to me how I feel about them. David, it eats at me that I didn’t do a better job of letting you know how much you meant to me. Know that I loved you. Brother. Know that I loved you. Know that I love you.


David was hiking in the Swiss Alps and went missing.  They found his body yesterday and he died, we assume, from a fall.  We don’t know any of the details yet.

David was not only a fellow graduate with Michael and Riley, they were also in the same D group (small group) at church.  In other words, this is one of Michael’s 10 best friends in the world.

If you look at my Facebook profile, you’ll see that I shared some words from Riley and two other friends of David’s that describe what a wonderful young man he was.  I have also shared a link to a blog that David wrote last month.  He was studying abroad in Spain at the time.

David is the youngest of 5 children; his parents are Pauline and Bill.  They own the condo that we’ll be using next week in Destin.  Note that one of their grandsons died a few years ago at the age of 4 so they’ve encountered great sorrow before.  Unlike that situation, however, this one was obviously unexpected.

Your prayers for the Taaffe family are appreciated.  Also, be praying for Michael, Brandon (who took it just as hard), Melissa and Michelle.  The ladies are in Nicaragua on a mission trip right now.

I LOVE ALL OF YOU!  I want to make sure all of you know that; you never know how short life can be.



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