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The Great Evangelical Recession

Dear readers, I feature videos from CBN many times here. I appreciate what they are doing to bring good stories and good news to the masses. I don’t support everything I see there and neither am I opposed to anything. This is a great story about the American culture war and the slipping of the culture away from the values we find in the Bible and from Jesus.

Watch 1 to 11 minutes to get John Dickerson’s perspective and the summary of his new book. I pray that you find forums to share Jesus’ values in your domain. Our grate on the culture has a purpose. It is to point the way to Jesus and His values. He is King and He is Lord. We want the schism between His values and cultural norms to point the way to Him.


3 responses to “The Great Evangelical Recession

  1. darylgstewart 07/14/2013 at 3:34 am

    We are planning à Sunday School series on the classic virtues. The Golden Rule will be featured prominantly.


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