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Christians Put Hands on Bibles for the First Time

Do you love the Word of God this much? We who have many Bibles are so blessed. We ought to do something to get the Word into the hands of those who desire it like these Chinese Christians.

Français : Bible ouverte

Français : Bible ouverte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 responses to “Christians Put Hands on Bibles for the First Time

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  2. Clint Boyd 08/09/2013 at 6:01 pm

    Reblogged this on Being Found in Human Form and commented:
    I found this (linked) blog post earlier and didn’t know how to feel. My first reaction to this kind of video, honestly, is to disbelieve that any of it is true. After all, I have been to China for a year myself, and I saw plenty of extra Bibles, still in the plastic wrapper.
    That’s forgetting something, though: China is a very large country.
    So that doesn’t mean that the Bible is known or understood there by all, though, and far from that is the truth: the Word has spread rapidly there, praise God, for doors are opening–but there are still millions who haven’t heard it preached or taught right. (And by “right,” I do not mean my particular interpretation of the Word, but rather, they haven’t heard the word taught as the truth).


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