Better is One Word from the Lord…

…than a thousand sermons!

This is truth, spoken by my pastor. It is true. The Lord speaks to us , and more when we are close to Him, through prayer and His Word.

Does 1 word negate many sermons, no? Are sermons still needed? Absolutely yes! So many Christ followers today are not in His Word, however. We are not hearing directly from His Word.

Sometime 1 word from the Lord comes through a sermon. Sometimes that word may come through reading, praying, or it comes simply through reflecting on what the Word of God says to your heart.

Jesus followers must learn to cling to His Word. We need to saturate ourselves with the Word–allowing our hearts to be touched by what touches God’s heart.

Listen to Him. He wants to speak to you–through His Word. It’s still good for today and for what is happening to you right now. Get into It and get what you need to life for Him. Amen!

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible

2 thoughts on “Better is One Word from the Lord…

    • Daryl, I stay with Bible Gateway. There are other great bible sites out there but at my age I just stay with what I am most used to. Ha! I am in IT–at work right now, but I just don’t go for change like I used to.

      Blessings on your day! It is a beautiful day here. Maybe I am feeling that because vacation starts at 4 PM today ;0)


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