Man of Steel

Man of Steel, a Christ-like Figure or Symbol of Hope?

Man of Steel Interivew, click now

This is a deviation from my theme of “Evil is Hunting” but a good one.  This movie is out and there is some interesting revelation in this video about the original Superman and his symbolism.  I hope you enjoy the background information and the movie.

Since the creation of Superman it’s been said that Superman is a type of Christ figure. For example, his heavenly Kryptonian father sends his only son to earth to save mankind. Also, Superman is 33 years old when he finally reveals his great powers to the world — the same age as Jesus when He went to the cross.

Director Zack Synder says the religious symbolism is a part of the Superman story that he wanted to embrace.

“Making him Jesus is a mistake, but allowing people to have a conversation about whatever relationship they have with the Jesus story through the movie is undeniable in the material, and if you don’t include it in the film, then you’re really sort of denying the mythology that is Superman,” Snyder said.

The Christ-like figure descends to earth in a failed rocket. Synder showed CBN News the actual rocket seen in the movie that brings baby Superman, also known as Kal-El, his Kryptonian name, down to a Kansas farm field.

He pointed out that “the contraption crashes but baby Superman, of course, survives.”

–CBN News

Henry Cavill Full Interview, click now

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