Free To Be Me

Francesca Battistelli

Don’t we all have dents in our fenders? Rips in our jeans? Are you okay with that? Can you live with the dents and the rips?

Why or Why not?


3 thoughts on “Free To Be Me

  1. a lot of the imperfect things you mention are really OK with me. Anything else would be prideful (my opinion). So why not expend all our resources on things that matter, i.e., people in this country going to bed hungry every night, whole families without access the health care, etc.? [sorry, man. I didn’t set out to make this reply so heavy].


  2. I agree with you. Those are weighter issues and need to be discussed. But, everybody’s not there all the time. I believe if God teaches us to put dents and rips their proper place, He will lead us on to more weighter matters. Blessing on your day.


  3. I had a couple of other thoughts here. I am a musician from way back. Francesca has a great voice and I appreciate that gift from God. The theology of the lyrics energize me also.


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