King David Believes in God’s Timing

The Scriptures are full of messages and stories which we can apply.

I read and reflected on I Samuel 26 this morning.

This is a scene were David has yet another and probably his last opportunity to do harm to King Saul.

David and Abishai happen upon Saul’s army in slumber. They note Saul in the middle of the army and his sword is thrust into the ground right beside him. Ab eggs David on, “You’ve got the perfect opportunity–do it!!” But David counters with a guarded, courageous, and discerning “Don’t you dare hurt him! Who could lay a hand on God’s anointed and even think of getting away with it?”

Verse 24 shows that David, even though he had already been anointed by God as king, still

considered Saul as God’s anointed. He so trusted God that he was willing to wait patiently for God to change the circumstances.

Very soon after, Saul comes to His senses by the Spirit of God and calls for David. David comes and Saul finally confesses his sin and even speak of David as his son. Saul then calls for David’s prosperity in all he attempts to do.

Saul was so jealous of David that he had hunted David for years. David, of course, was on the run all that time.

Here David’s perspective on King Saul, gives me pause. He is so certain of God’s sovereignty that he refuses to kill Saul. He still considered Saul’s life precious even though Saul tried to kill David on several occasions.

How can I apply David’s view? Don’t speak ill of those who oppose me or who speak ill of me. Honor those whom God has put in place and He will honor you.

This thought goes against my flesh. It is definitely counter to the views I get in the world.

David’s example so convicted me that I confessed to a friend at work some things I said about someone in management yesterday. I let my friend know that the Spirit used this passage to convict me.

There has been a series of convicting circumstances and Scriptures in my life of late. David’s faith and discernment give me hope and courage to honor others and wait patiently on God to move.


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