Mary’s Song

Today I am meditating on Luke 1:26-55 and verses surrounding these. I don’t say much that applies specifically to women on this blog and primarily because I am a man. But, I have you know that Mary’s favor ratcheted up in my book in the last couple of years because of the way she worships as she receives the good news that she is the bearer of God’s blessing on the world.

I want to comment on how her song moved me.

After the angel approached and after some amount of pondering, Mary resolves her heart with: “let it be according to your word.” Many thoughts were flooding her mind but she trusts and knew that God was in this visit. She quickly moved to “I don’t comprehend but let it be.” I love her simplicity of devotion to God. We don’t know her background. She is young here and she simply trusts God.

“Let it be” equals “your will is my desire.” Isn’t that where our hearts should be? I need to be there daily, I want to be there.

Her position contrasts what we here so often in American culture: “whatever will be will be.” If we believe–that is not our position, no God’s way alone will be. Knowing and believing that He provides a way forward for those who rely on Him is the theology of the believer.

I want to focus on Mary’s heart and life for a moment, specifically the impact of her heart.

Her life
At this point in her life, Mary was not spiritually mature but this event in her young life shaped her and caused her to mature and especially because of her response to God in this moment.

Her family
She had godly influence on all of them. She impacted Christ’s brothers and sisters and extended family throughout her life.

Being a mother
She brought blessedness to motherhood and mothering. She raised the stature of motherhood and womanhood.

The kingdom
Her surrender to her God and circumstances of the moment changed the course of the Kingdom. Because of her willingness to surrender, there is a King. We enjoy the blessings, fellowship, love, grace, mercy, and so much more because of her surrender.

Thank you Father for your plan. Thank you for the story you are writing. Thank you for choosing Mary to be a part. Thank you for coming to dwell with us and using Mary as a model of surrender. “Let it be, according to Your Word.” Father, make this our daily mantra of surrender to You.


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