The Look of Love

I want to see as Jesus sees. I want to see people, situations, and the world as Jesus sees.

So today I take Love Walked Among Us and will share my summation of Paul Miller’s thoughts.

Thinking back on the scene with the widow of Nain, I note that Luke records that Jesus saw her. Once He saw her His heart responds. His heart is moved towards her.

We see His compassion coming through. Compassion is the response most often attributed to Jesus as He sees the plight and difficult circumstances of people in His domain.

How did Jesus communicate compassion to others? He communicated compassion through His eyes. We communicate compassion most often through our eyes. Others can see a softness, attentiveness, and concern in them.

Jesus looked at people. We know that because the Gospels records that He looked more than 40 times.

Love begins with looking. We want to love people. Let’s begin by looking at them.

God has been looking at people down through time. He looks at people with compassion.

In Exodus 3 God sees the plight of His people and says, ” … I am concerned about their suffering.”

God shows his compassion for others by looking, perceiving our plight, responding emotionally and from the heart, then moving into our situations with us.

I have the opportunity to practice looking at people today as Jesus did. I am with family I rarely see. I pray I learn how to show His compassion to others through showing His compassion to them.

3 thoughts on “The Look of Love

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