Jesus Is Enough!

He is LORD! He is Penultimate, (no, Preeminent per a reader and so He is),  today and everyday! Worship HIM not things today!

Preeminent: having paramount rank, dignity, or importance : outstanding, supreme.


Things are idols!

Addendum (05/30/2013):  The speaker, Matt, is the guy you see in prayer at 2:40 with his head sewed up!  He had brain cancer. He is still alive today so far as I know.   He is one who has been through much pain.  That pain is his platform for delivering this message that Jesus is Enough!


4 thoughts on “Jesus Is Enough!

    • Changed!! Thanks for your thoughts here. I used the wrong word because of the definition in my head. Blessings. Peace…and all the other good, glorious things coming from Him who is Head over all.


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