What is Passion?

…a more specific question is ‘what is your passion?’

I was confronted with that question several times and in last couple of years and I am still grappling with it. That is a good thing–to grapple with a significant question that is not easily answered.

The human race is filled with passion! That’s what we give ourselves to–our passions! Aaaah! Yes, the people in the world give them themselves to their passions, but when we become Christians, we realize that their and our passions are negative ones. We learn to ‘deny’ or ‘avoid’ that passions of the flesh. In the process, we shut down. We shut our emotions and passions (deep desires) down. But, that shouldn’t be. God has given plenty of whole, beautiful emotions and passions. Why don’t we experience those? I contend we don’t experience those because we’ve been cajoled into thinking/believing that they are fleshly. Some of their are fleshly but some human emotions and passions are not fleshly.

Sexual temptation is a very ungodly thing to the single Christian. Focusing that sexuality toward your marriage partner once married is a beautiful thing. That transformation is not an easy thing at all. I married late in life and I know all the difficulties associated with that change.

But, as Christ followers we are in that transformation at every level. The Enemy has stepped in and told us that all those emotions and passions we experienced as pagans are wrong and so just avoid them as all costs. But that is not God’s assessment of you and how He designed you. He created us with emotions and has placed deep desires within. If He did that for us does it not make sense that we seek Him for how He wants us to experience and express those emotions and desires?

“The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” I love those lines from Dead Poet Society. “You may contribute a verse” is so right. Because we Christ followers have not gotten in touch with what God wants and what He has placed within, we aren’t yet contributing.

We will be most fulfilled as we walk in what God created us to work in. We will be fully alive when we find our part to play which He designed. What is your part that God designed you to play? Have you found your role?

Those are tough questions for some. Others already know and are running with what God is showing them. This is a great time to reflect on what you were made for. “What will your verse be?” Your maker has given you a verse–maybe many verses. Seek Him for what those verses are. You could not be more fulfilled than when you allow God to show you the passion/deep desires that He has given. Find those. Live in them today.

You may want to take a look back as how God defines deep desires. Do
English: Emotions Q-sortyou need to get in touch with your feelings also. Take a look at feelings and ask God to use the emotions He has given for His purposes.

Maybe you just want to review the whole story and get a better grasp on what God is doing in your life and the world–the Big Picture. It’s long if you include the videos but the read is relatively short.


5 thoughts on “What is Passion?

    • Daryl, I am finding I need to get back to the definitions of words. I want to know how God defines them.

      I believe our passions come out. Most of us share them naturally. My god-given deep desires are significance and impact. Those I don’t share often. From those many things spring. For one, this platform, the blog. Deep down I hope to have impact on others and to be impacted by others. So, I have a passion for putting something out that touches someone else at a heart level. In fact, something that leads them to a place where they are impacted by God in some way. That’s even better. So I believe passions and emotions do come out.

      Depending on the passion. I’d say there is a time and a group for sharing some passions we have. Sometimes if there is not shared interests, then our intensity about something is not well received.

      Hope that adds.


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