Ephesians One

I stepped to the side of my bed and picked up notes from a Sunday School class. I was searching. Vaguely I knew I wanted to get in the Word but I didn’t know where. The notes came from a friend of mine who taught the class and my eyes moved over to the references: “Ephesians 1.” That caught my eye.

I turned there in my Bible and the rest is history. I stayed in Ephesians 1 for a long season. I love that chapter. I found joy, love, grace, holiness, mercy, laughter, sorrow, bliss, and worship there. The words of what I call the proclamation, 1:3-14, still echo in my soul today. These verses remind me who I am and what Jesus, the Christ, has done in my behalf.

I want to relay another provocative thing about reading this particular passage. As I read these verses, 3-14 over and over, one word began to ring or reverberate in my head. As I pronounced or thought the word, it rang true. The ‘blood’ makes all the truth, surrounding the word, possible. The blood makes all the truth of the entire New Testament possible. Yes, let me repeat…All the truth of the NT, but let’s just take the truth right here–the blessings of what is in just these few verses come to us through HIS BLOOD! I pray you see that now and that He opens up more to you as you seek Him.

This is but one way that God worked to begin to get me to dig into His Word to find what he has there for me. Many more insights to His truth await me and you. I invite you to discover what God has there for you. (Ephesians 1)

Use the question from Get into the Word post if you need a way to start.


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