A New Way to get into The Word

Here is my general approach to getting in The Word. The older I get, the more I need to interact with the Word. That interaction allows me to see that God is using the Word in my life–revealing new and fresh truth to me.

Before beginning any time with the Lord or His Word, slow down, quiet your heart and worship God. That could consist of a prayer, thoughtfully reflect on God’s goodness to you, singing or reading a hymn or a chorus. Whatever you find that focuses you on your God. Also close your time by praying what God showed you back to Him.

Choose a passage and use the following questions to get out of it what God is saying to you. In choosing a passage, I recommend picking up to 10 verses. The point is to limit the size so that you can go through the following drill outlined below in about 30 minutes and less if you schedule is tight. You want to begin to do it daily and consistently. Initially, shoot for a minimum of 5 days per week, but don’t condemn yourself if you don’t hit that target. As you become consistent in it the Lord will guide you about increasing time and frequency.

I will supply some suggested passages in a follow-up blog.

Reflecting questions:

1. What is the passage saying? What is significant to you? Give the passage a title if that helps you gets its significance.
a. Put yourself in the scene if there is one. Imagine yourself in the primary role. Experience the emotions and desires of that person. You may also imagine yourself as the person in a supporting role in the passage.
b. If there is no scene, it may be meaningful for you to imagine God saying the words to you. What emotions and desires is He experiencing as He speaks those words to you? Reverse it, or instead, you may better experience the passage by imagining yourself speaking the words of the passage to God. What emotions or desires do you experience as you speak these words to God?
2. Are you reacting positively or negatively to this passage? I note ‘+’ or ‘-‘ and then note why the verses impact me the way I am experiencing them.
3. What emotions are stirred by the passage–positive or negative? What is the source or cause of them? See feelings.
4. What deep desires does this passage touch in you? List of desires.
5. How might you apply this passage? Reflect on the emotions and desire the passage evoked in you? How does that application affect your life and the lives of those around you?
6. What support do you need from your community? Is there someone you can ask for that support?
7. What choices are you led to make based on how you apply the passage? Convicting passages lead us to make choices. Choices will not be an outcome of all passages we reflect on.

Pause and reflect on what God has revealed to you through your time in the Word. (It is usually helpful to write what he teaches so that over time you can look back and see what He has said to you. You will be amazed.) I will suggest to write out the answers to the questions above and keeps you notes together in binder or notebook.

More to come on this great topic of getting into the Word of God.

Now unto him who is able to keep you….both now and forever.

To the only wise God…

Psalm 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

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7 thoughts on “A New Way to get into The Word

    • I struggle with putting something out and say ‘this is best.’ That is not my intent. But I’ve found that if I don’t reflect on what God is saying to me, then I am not going to take away what He is intending for me. Questions help. Writing reflections/truths/thoughts down help me.

      I am going to put out several approaches into the Word and mostly by other people through video. The point is: Are you in the Word? !!! I have been so blind most of my Christian life. I’ve lived off my heritage and what God showed me in the past. That doesn’t work. I’ve been subtly and slowly taken down. If the Evil One sees us make the slightest move away from God, He seizes the opportunity. Not only then, He also comes at us even when we are seeking and clinging.

      “Manna” is the most beautiful illustration of how we are nourished as believers. We MUST come constantly, often, humbly. We can’t store it, bank it, hoard it. It is moment by moment. Perhaps one day I will learn that I need to be drinking even every hour. I am not there yet. I need to be.

      Come Lord Jesus come. Cause me to come to you Lord Jesus.


      • I look forward to your posts on ways to study God’s Word. I use different approaches myself. I like to relive the parables, reflect on virtues, play “what if” with Christian biographies, etc. But the best for me is to be with God’s people, sharing what God has done for each of us. Real good food! Keep blogging! Peace!


    • I agree. Sharing His insights with others and supporting others in their insights is a great way to have the Word take root and cause change. That’s the way I want to live out my life.


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